Quality Assurance

Woodchurch House is inspected on a regular basis

quality assurance

Woodchurch House is committed to running the home in the best interests of the residents. The Home has been established with a quality orientated approach with a high degree of quality awareness developed through all levels of staff training and management. To this end a pro-active approach is taken to introduce quality systems that incorporate audits and feedback so that every part of the home and its services can be evaluated to ensure improvements are continuous.

Monthly external audit

Each month a Quality Consultant visits Woodchurch House to audit all areas of the home. A sample of residents, relatives and staff are interviewed and their views noted. The auditing includes a review of resident falls, accidents and weights. All information is collated and used as a basis for the monthly management meeting when any concerns can be addressed. In addition to the daily reporting by carers in each resident’s care plan, a monthly review of all care plans is undertaken by the Manager.

A contract is in place with an external company to inspect and advise on all aspects of Health and Safety.

Our complaints procedure is clearly shown in the Service Users Guide and an “open door” policy is held by the Manager.

Woodchurch House Customer Satisfaction

A Customer Satisfaction Survey is carried out twice a year by Philip McAuley of Care Home Satisfaction Surveys, a specialist independent research organization. Views regarding the standard of care are ascertained anonymously and audited for comparison with other care homes. Results are notified to the home. Suggested areas for improvement are examined and an improvement plan implemented.